Themed Workshops

Themed Workshop

Our themed workshops are an exciting and engaging mix of music, dance and imagination. They are perfect to enhance a studied topic, a WOW to kick start a topic or an end of term treat.

Themes available at present are:

  • Pirate Theme

The Jolly Sea Bath (Story title)

The Jolly Sea bath sets sail to change an island from a sad and rainy to a happy and sunny place! Can they do it?

  • Circus Theme

The Clumsy Clown (Story title)

Lipstick is a very clumsy clown. More than anything in the world he wants to find out what he is good at. Sometimes you find out when you least expect it!

  • Space Theme

The Star that Lost its Twinkle (Story title)

More than anything in the world Ruby wants to go up into space. But her ears are too long, her tail makes them sneeze and she keeps hopping. Will her dream ever come true?

  • Under the Sea Theme

The Lost Rainbow (Story title)

Sid and Dulcie aren't like the other creatures in the sea. The love to play hide and seek and one day they find something that will change their lives forever.

  • Wild West Theme

The Not So Scary Cactus (Story title)

Colin has lived his whole life as a cactus with his cactus family. But one day he goes on a journey that changes his life forever. A tale about finding out who you really are!

  • Jungle Theme

The Mix up Muddle Bird(Story title)

The mix up muddle bird is an unusual bird, a little bit of the best of all of us. But has she got what it takes to rule the jungle!

  • Around the World Theme

Hannah and Henry The Travelling Hands (Story title)

Hannah and Henry travel around the world with music and dance!

  • Witches Theme

The Sneezing Witch (Story title)

Wendy cannot stop sneezing. And every time she does something terrible happens! How will it stop?

  • Dinosaurs/Christmas Theme(non religious)

The Dinosaurs' First Xmas (Story title)

Joe the time traveller has been given the amazing job of travelling back to tell the dinosaurs all about their first ever Christmas! Will they like it?

  • Let's Pretend theme

Excuse me Mrs Pardon (Story title)

Mrs Pardon grows all sorts in her garden. Things you wouldn't believe! But is it real or pretend?

  • Chinese new year theme

The Magic Paintbrush (Story title)

Ma Liang is a fabulous painter. And everything he draws comes to life! One day the Emperor hears of his powers and summons him to draw for him.

  • Story Building theme

All About Me

A great theme for the start of term. Using our Theatre Tots curriculum we take the group through an hour of music, drama and dance focusing on making up their own stories using themselves in the starring roles!

  • Story Building theme

People Who Help Us (Story title)

Using our Theatre Tots work we explore our theme through music, dance and drama, ending with making up their own story using people who help us.

A Few Details...

All works use our original theatre curriculum exercises and songs to build a unique workshop around the chosen theme.

Regular sessions: We offer regular weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions. These are 45 minutes - 1 hour and will be planned to suit each setting's needs and themes.

Regular bookers get 10% off any of our other services.


£200 for a half day
£300 for a full day

Cleve House School, Bristol

Thank you for the inspiring and inspired people you have chosen to work with us. We all loved Matt and Noomi and we felt privileged to have had them on board at Cleve House. May your business with children continue to be as inspiring as it has been for us.

Cleve House School, Bristol