Why not have something a little different for your little one's special day? Theatre Tots can provide several different party packages. We can work in places big or small, we just need a socket in the wall!
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An hour of entertainment including songs, games and stories all designed around a chosen theme. The main event is one of our original stories in which the little ones dress up and act out with our party leader. All themes are suitable for girls and boys.

Under the Sea
Princess and princes
Colin the Cactus – Wild West theme!
Nursery Rhymes
Dinosaurs' first Christmas
Bespoke theme of your choice.

An hour of original Theatre Tots songs and games. One of our original stories chosen from the list or a bespoke tale.
Stickers for everyone!
Themed pass the parcel
Themed party bags – to include Theatre Tots song CD and themed to the story prizes.

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We offer our unique character led parties and events! These are our very own original characters that come along to entertain. Our characters will stay for however long you like and plan alongside the party organiser to make sure you get exactly what you and your little one would like. We are always adding to our list of characters so do let us know if there is something you would really like and we will make it happen! All characters come in full costume. The characters that are puppets are marked on the list.
How does it work?
  • 1)
  • Choose a character / characters from the list – or request a new one if you don’t see what you are looking for!
  • 2)
  • Decide how long you would like them to come along for.
  • 3)
  • Decide what sort of venue you would like to use.
  • 4)
  • Decide what you would like to include – any particular games, story content. Or you can leave it up to us!
  • 5)
  • We take all this away and write your personalised party plan!
Characters available:
Sonny the Scarecrow
Sonny is a Scarecrow who has lots of adventures! His favourite food is mud and worms and his favourite hobby is singing!
Colin the Cactus
Colin is the character from our published book – ‘The Not So Scary Cactus’. This character is a puppet.
Princess Pickle
Pickle is always getting into pickles! She is the princess of a faraway land and loves to travel the world!
Fairy Fusspot
Fairy Fusspot is a very forgetful fairy. You may have to help her to remember lots of the games and stories!
Ruby the Rabbit
Ruby is a character from one of our published books – ‘The Star that Lost its Twinkle’. All her life she has dreamed of becoming the first rabbit astronaut.
Wendy the Witch
Wendy lives in a place called Wibbleswick. It’s a very cold place at the top of the world. Wendy can't stop sneezing!
Lipstick the Clown
Lipstick is a very clumsy clown. He loves to perform with his clown family!
Rambo the Rainbow
Rambo is a rainbow who was trapped under the sea for 100 years. He is now back up in the sky and able to fly!
Ned the Knight
A friend of Princess Pickle, Ned is a training knight. He has many adventures to share!
Boris the Bee
Boris is a Bee who lives in the jungle. He is friends with the queen and very wise.
All our characters are DBS checked and experienced with the early years.
Pricing for character parties are done on a case to case basis depending on exactly what you would like, number of guests and length of party.