A story of a Hall called Kingsley

A story of a Hall called Kingsley

Why me?! ... (because I’m skilled, that’s why!)

I think we have all shouted ‘why me?!’ (especially internally) when we feel things are conspiring against us?! The moment when a wheel breaks on your suitcase and you haven’t completed your journey. Car tyre changing at the side of the road or dropping your last piece of toast on the kitchen floor, yes?! Oh it’s such a cruel world! And so often technology is against us, updating what?! Battery low, argh! We have all been there.

There are things specific to your working life too. I’ve never been in an operating theatre (apart from having my tonsils out and then I was unconscious!) so I can’t really imagine the stresses that can occur for a surgeon or theatre nurse or in high speed pursuit in a police vehicle when lives are at risk. BUT... I’m sure those people will not have experienced a costume change in the toilets before a performance (of course there are no dressing or green rooms here!) A child deliberately doing the opposite of what you instructed in a drama session (what’s going on with them today?!) a teacher telling the children to sit still when there is exciting music on and you’re keen for them to get up and dance OR feeling under rehearsed and wishing you had half a day more for another ‘run through’ to make you more confident that you will give a great performance. Well, those are the ‘why mes’ of Theatre Tots!

Recently I wondered why I had volunteered to be the lead facilitator on a corporate event providing a craft and drama crèche facilities at a major technology fair in the East End of London. I’m no good at crafts or art! I won’t come up with ideas, why did I accept this job? Why do I do this to myself? Why me?! Half an hour in to the day and I realise exactly why I’m there. I do have some ideas, some skills and most importantly I can guide the young people towards activities that will mean they work better as a team, they will calm down and listen, they will learn something new and create something they’re proud of. I’m keeping them safe, engaged and creating a fun atmosphere, that’s ‘why me’!

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