Christmas Shows

christmas shows

It's never too soon to start booking Christmas! Below are our seasonal offerings...
The story of Silas Star who has the very important job of shining brightly on Christmas day over the whole of the UK. But he gets lost and finds himself shining over several different countries! Until he hitches a ride with someone who is very busy at Christmas, Father Christmas...

An adventure story that travels round the world.

Joe the time traveller has been given the world's best job. This year he is travelling back in time to visit the dinosaurs and share with them their FIRST ever CHRISTMAS! How will he get there?

An all singing, all dancing Christmas adventure.

All shows are 30 minutes for as large an audience as you can fit into your biggest space! This is followed by 30 minute workshops for smaller groups (usually by class). A half day is one show and up to three workshops and a full day is two shows and up to six workshops. The workshops can be taken in large classrooms.

All shows are performed by two Theatre Tots performers who are fully DBS checked and early years trained.

£450 for a half day
£650 for a full day

Susanna King, Hatchum Nursery, New Cross

We thought the show was brilliant, both times! The actors weren’t at all phased by children who needed some support to focus which was great. The support staff both thought it was really good, and the children were glowing afterwards when they saw their mums and told them about it.

Susanna King, Hatchum Nursery, New Cross